Palace of Nero


Movie Title, Book Title, Morrissey Songs, Dystopian, Human, Fantasy, Electoral Politics - fun madlib generators

Pixel Dressup Game - dress up a pixel character with clothes and accessories (mock version here)

CYOA Gallery - different image-based 'choose your own adventure' games for r/makeyourchoice

Visual Novel Game - very silly non-linear visual novel game that is playable in-browser

Alt-Right Bot, AnCap Bot, Liberalism Bot, Still think Socialism is cool? - socialist satire madlibs [CW:slurs]

Idle Necromancer - clicker game where you gather souls and summon evil minions (mock version here)

Witchcraft - simple arcade game where you try to score points and stay alive for as long as possible

Whack-a-Boglin - awful boglin themed 'game' | Balmora Player Home (off-site link) - morrowind mod

GitHub Page - the code for various things here, some python text-based adventure games, and a discord bot

Dice & Coins - basic RNG | Fake Comments & Corporate Lies, Pain - unfun madlib generators

Slavoj Žižek Soundboard - page full of Žižek audio clips | r/FULLPOSADISM (off-site link) h̷̛͍ḛ̜̳͞l̶̩̀͝p͔͇̮̤̠͖͝ͅ ̶̯̤̜͞m͍͉̪̪̫̜e̴̷͇͡ͅ

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