Palace of Nero


Alt-Right Bot, AnCap Bot, Liberalism Bot, Still think Socialism is cool? - esoteric Socialist satire madlib generators [Content Warning]

Movie Title, Book Title, Dystopian Nation, Human, Fantasy - fun madlib generators for various things

Pixel Dressup Game - dress up a pixel character with clothes and accessories (mock version here)

Witchcraft, Splatter - simple arcade-like browser games where you try to score points and stay alive

GitHub Page - various projects have their code available here publicly (and under MIT license), including: the pixel dressup and witchcraft games, a short text adventure game in python (with exploration and turn-based combat), an email script, and a working discord bot with a long list of commands

Fake Comments - example of how big corporations maliciously impersonate flesh-and-blood human beings

Slavoj Zizek Soundboard - page full of Zizek audio clips | r/FULLPOSADISM (off site link)

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