Palace of Nero


This library is mainly for small programming projects, but there's still a variety of content and so it's a bit of a mess compared to the rest of the site. More projects will be added as they're finished, and all of them are forever open to expansion.

Movie Title, Book Title, Dystopian Nation, Human, and Fantasy Story generators offer joke movie or book titles, invented nations, characters, or fantasy elements in your browser with the press of a button.

Alt-Right Bot, AnCap Bot, Liberalism Bot, and Still think Socialism is cool? are generators based on slightly esoteric Socialist satire. Possibly offensive.

Witchcraft and Splatter are two fairly similar games that can be played in your browser. They were both written from scratch in Javascript. Witchcraft is the recommended one. Try to score points and stay alive!

Textworld Adventure is a file written in Python (3.2.) which runs a short text adventure game with its own turn-based battle system, lots of choices, something of a story, and an open world act. This may need a browser port.

Email Script is a Python (3.2.) file that can be adapted quickly for automating a variety of tasks that involve email. It is the basic code needed for the sending of a single email message using Python.

Fake Comments is an example of how big corporations maliciously impersonate flesh-and-blood human beings.


Slavoj Zizek Soundboard is a page full of short Zizek audio clips.

Some short musical experiments below.


YUKIO is an exploration and choice-based game set in a fictionalized version of feudal Japan. The game's reason for being is the dream of a game where the story is a sandbox, and one where players can keep returning to discover new things. A basic demo will be made available here at a later date.

Video RPG for Great Fatherland Liberation is a quirkier and smaller project that might also become available here..

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