Fake Comments and Corporate Lies - Net Neutrality

A few articles have talked about how there are over a million comments fighting against net neutrality which seem to be faked. They follow very similar structures, just swapping around words to offer the illusion of being unique, and were probably generated by some very simple code. An example of this code has been recreated here as an example of how this works. Every time you press 'Generate', you will get a 'different' anti- net neutrality comment. There are many possible variatons even here.

We live in a world where those who control capital also control public opinion, and the Internet brings about brand new ways for the wealthy to consolidate this control. It is not difficult to generate comments that are more natural than the ones here, and I have no doubt that big corporations will continue to refine their methods, especially as AI improves. This is also just one comment format out of what was at least 20 used in the 'over a million comments'. It seems like something out of a dystopian sci-fi novel, but it's effectively the creation of hundreds of thousands of fake people manufactured by the rich in order to speak amongst the real people and suppress dissent. People have to be made aware of this deception and watch out for it carefully.

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