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This page is for various pieces of non-fiction writing. You can think of it as a pretentious blog. All dates are in international format (yy/mm/dd).

Uppercase: Fetishism of Free Speech - a critique of 'free speech' | 'Social Justice Warriors' - complaining about the term 'SJW' | What are Mental Illnesses? - why do we diagnose things? | Transgender Kids - fighting against myths about trans people | 'Real Names' - complaining about the term 'real names' | Engaging Fascists - be on the attack | Necessity - the path of history | Communication - and its abstractions

lowercase: what is this (17/10/19) | entry1 (17/10/18) | headaches (17/11/22) | a modern sadness (18/01/04) | keep living (18/02/02)

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