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Welcome to the Palace of Nero. This is a personal website for hosting a range of different content such as poetry, photos, art, and some minor programming projects. Feel free to explore, and check back at some point if you like anything. There's no strict schedule for new content, but I aim to always keep adding things gradually and improving on what's here.

Right now, I'm working on a booklet with a lot of my poetry both old and new. It's mostly finished by now, and will be added here as a free pdf once I'm completely happy with the result. I'm having fun making it, so it might be quickly followed up with similar things. I've already made some small progress towards what I'll describe here as a cyberpunk/ horror flash fiction booklet. I'd like to then add some longer short stories, and finally have a strong expression of my main passion here.

The most recent noteworthy addition to the site is the Pixel Dressup Game. While it's still nothing too fancy, it's probably a bit more professional looking than my original mock version with placeholder art. I think I've been getting better at pixel art in the last few months.

I've also created a github page with some of what was here already plus the code for a discord bot.

I think I should probably write messages like this from now on. The problem is, I suddenly get very shy and delete anything where my personality might shine through even a tiny bit, or where I think I'm sounding too pretentious, or too stupid, or whatever else. As long as no one actually reads this though, I should be fine.

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