what is this (17/10/19)

the 'lowercase' area is a place for me to type in a way that is a bit more personal

posts might not be titled anything serious, and might just be about my feelings at the time of writing

im not going to heavily revise what i write here just to try and make it easier to understand

and im going to write mainly in lowercase and with minimal punctuation... but there are no rules

capital letters are a lot harsher on the eyes than lowercase is

paragraphs are a lot harsher than lines, too

this might just be annoying to some people... but it's more representative of me

and of spontaneous, free-flowing, thoughts

and of one-on-one conversations

this section doesnt showcase the ideas i think are most important but it still seems important to include it

i dont want people to read a bunch of capital letter posts and leave thinking they know me

if they don't want to know anything else, thats fine, of course

but if they do, theres this

thanks ^^

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